Autumn Quiz Night

Thursday 16 November 2017

Ellwood Atfield, 34 Smith Square, London SW1P 3HL

Following the great success of our Spring Quiz earlier this year we decided to make it twice year event and have an Autumn Quiz as well! 

Teams competed for the glory of being crowned the Autumn Quiz Champions of 2017. Three awards were hotly fought over, Quiz Champions, Best Team Name, and the not so coveted Wooden Spoon award.  

“It was such a fun evening, everyone had a great time, there was a lot of laughter and good humoured banter and we raised £1,000 for charity.” Senior Warden and Quiz Master for the night, Gavin Ellwood

After discovering that we had a tie breaker situation for the Wooden Spoon award a decision had to be made. The two teams then competed in a ‘joke-off’ for the best worst joke. The in receipt of the loudest cheer from everyone else in appreciation of the best worst joke saw ‘The DDTs’ claim the not-so-coveted Wood Spoon Award. And the joke?

A man walks into a butchers and asks for a fly… the butcher says “we don’t sell flys”, the then says “oh, but you’ve got some in the window” bahh duum groan.

Thank you to Ellwood Atfield for generously hosting us in the Ellwood Atfield Gallery.

Quiz Champions 'The Mutineers'
Quiz Champions ‘The Mutineers’
Wooden Spoon Award winners 'The DDTs'
Wooden Spoon Award winners ‘The DDTs’



Best Team Name Winners
Best Team Name Winners
Raffle Winners 'Let's get Quizical' took home the Champagne
Raffle Winners ‘Let’s get Quizical’ took home the Champagne
Raffle Winners 'Susejd Rol' with their £40 Pizza Express vouchers
Raffle Winners ‘Susejd Rol’ with their £40 Pizza Express vouchers

This PR industry quiz is a fundraising event for the Company of PR Practitioners’ Charitable Trust, registered charity number 1082142.

If you are interested in becoming a Freeman of the Company of Public Relations Practitioners then please email our Clerk.