In Praise of Rain

Well. Maybe ‘in respect of rain’ would be more accurate.

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking part in the Lord Mayor’s Show 2016. It’s quite the extravaganza. 7,000 people. Plenty of floats. The Forces. Cheering spectators. City Guilds and Companies. Hundreds of years of history on display in a spectacle at once fun, silly, engaging, and terribly British.

Plus rain. Lots and lots of rain.

But the rain didn’t stop the spectators, and it didn’t stop me, Katherine Sykes (Senior Warden), Gavin Ellwood (Middle Warden), and Sarah Wait (Junior Warden) from processing the three mile route through the City of London, holding up our ‘PR Company’ placard (gets bloody heavy by the end I can tell you…..), and representing our Company and our industry.

All good fun. And all with a charitable purpose too.

Can’t wait until next year. My shoes should’ve dried out by then….

Written by Francis Ingham, Master of the Company of Public Relations Practitioners

17 November 2016