2016 Installation Dinner at Cutlers’ Hall

Written by Francis Ingham, Master of the Company of PR Practitioners.

On Thursday 13 October, I had the honour of being ‘installed’ as Master of the Company for a second year. This has not happened previously in the Guild and Company’s history -each preceding Master has served for one year only.

As I noted in my speech at the dinner that followed, I am privileged, honoured, and a little humbled to have been elected to this position for a second year. So what are my plans?

2015-16 was the year we put our house in order, sorting out our infrastructure, and honing our proposition.

2016-17 will be the year we do two fundamental things: embedding the Company within the City, and embedding the Company within the PR and communications industry

So expect a major membership drive. Expect us to be far more visible within the City community. Expect us to increase the range and scope of our events.

Life can’t all be about work though -there has to be some fun too. And the Installation dinner was certainly fun. Lord Chadlington was on sparkling form, giving us his view from the very pinnacle of our industry. In an industry of remarkable people, he stands even taller than those around him.

And the guests present were from the whole of our industry. We had Andrew Thomas of Communicate magazine; Wadds from Ketchum, who also heads up ICCO’s think tank; the 2017 CIPR President Elect Sarah Hall; Mark Glover APPC Chair; my first PRCA Chairman Richard Houghton, and many more besides.

I had the opportunity to thank people for their help, assistance and commitment over the past year. And to hint that I’d like it for the next one….

I also had the opportunity to take a moment of pause. To survey the room, so vibrant in its composition, so old in its background. The roof is full of carved elephants. They represent what Cutlers once was -a Livery Company that took such pride in the ivory handles of the cutlery made by their members. They have reinvented themselves for the modern age -these days, they help protect and converse elephants. They’ve changed with the times and helped to shape them. What better place for the PR industry to gather, I thought, than in such a location -pretty much made for us.

The after dinner collection raised £470 for the Charitable Trust.

Please see our Flickr album of the night.